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Eyewear Boutique

We at Spanish Oaks Eyecare believe that eyewear should not only be about a brand name stamped on the side of the frame, but about a personal statement, a physical enhancement & ultimately a true representation of its owner. That’s why we have carefully selected exclusive, unique products featuring manufacturers and designers from around the world.

Our eyewear collections are crafted by skilled artisans in Europe and Japan from the highest quality. These collections, many of which are exclusive to Spanish Oaks Eyecare, are manufactured by companies whose only focus is eyewear, allowing the true craftsmanship to shine.  Every frame in our boutique is assembled, finished, and inspected by hand before ever reaching our door.  This ensures quality beyond compare and a frame you will be proud to wear for years to come.

After all, rather than an accessory that hides who you are, they should be treated as another opportunity to highlight your personality and features.