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The Chicago Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (ISAO) is a regional, non-profit professional association dedicated to addressing cyber threats and risks directed at its Members and their critical infrastructure. Through education, collaboration, and information sharing, we drive value for our Members by helping them avoid, mitigate and respond to cyber security risks and incidents.


Education and training are vital tools in the fight against cyber crime. Through educational initiatives like events & workshops as well as sharing of best practices, we aim to enhance the situational responsiveness of our members

Legal Safe Harbor

Honesty and transparency are vital elements of information sharing among members. Under the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015, the ISAO creates an environment for our members to share cyber security experiences and practices without reservation

Threat Sharing & Analysis

Members of all sizes share cyber intelligence on incidents, threats, vulnerabilities, and associated threat remediation within the organization. Additionally, members receive access to cyber security threat intelligence from trusted sources

How can Cyber impact your business?

$4 million

is the average total cost of a data breach for the 383 companies participating in a 2016 study sponsored by IBM. This reflects a 29% increase in total cost of data breach since 2013. As technology and cyber criminals become more sophisticated, companies will continue to experience an increase in the cost of remediation for data breaches

$1.72 million

is the average post data breach response cost for companies in the United States. This was the highest of all 13 countries included in the study and illustrates the need for proactive action to protect U.S. companies against cyber threats.

$158 per record

is the average cost paid for each lost or stolen record containing sensitive and confidential information in 2016.  This indicates a price increase of 15% in per record cost since 2013. Since the average breach involves thousands of records, the costs of a data breach can add up quickly; especially for firms with many customers or a lot of data.

$9 per record

decrease in the per record cost of data breach for organizations that participated in threat or information sharing programs. This cost savings per record demonstrates the value of these programs in best preparing companies to prevent and react to cyber threats